Second album of Cawa-Sorix, Pipistrello is a mix of various compositions recorded over the past few years. Working with tapes he writes his poetry with his dictaphones mixing found footage, music and his own voice in a playful collage cut up. Sometimes violent or epileptic, sometimes sweet and touching but always humorous such is the bizarre universe of Cawa-Sorix.
150 mini Cdrs with original handmade artwork (3 drawings/cd) and inserts.

Artist note

“C’est le moyen pauvre qui m’a donné l’idée. Tape-to-tape = vampire business. One night, Bruce Wayne saw a living bat, as an omen : « I shall become a bat ! », he said (1939). C’est la superstition qui fait les noms d’artistes, as the college’s names : Aragon, Prévert, Pablo Neruda. Nothing to do with that stuff, my loving technique ISN’T about FAME. Just need some good sounds, voice, a floor, a machine. Sometimes i stop, but mostly i don’t. J’ai seulement besoin d’appuyer sur les touches du lecteur, un besoin inutile : unusefull is my lovable technique. Originally, my audio-tape player was defective ; so, i obtained double tracks, and often overdubbed them. A rub’a’dub style is born. Not my voice, not my music, mais something like le kung-fu. Ou pire. Meanwhile, i met some clever people that loved that. This is writed, this is done.“

Related info

mini cdr - 150 copies - 6e

Recorded and mixed by Cawa-Sorix

Artwork by Cawa Sorix

Released under Creative Commons license BY.NC.SA 2009



graphic design by Soyouz design, programming by Patrick Joubert.